We have our own Research and Development team and have developed a wide range of leading-edge e-business system solutions, IT system solutions, and infrastructure solutions. Our major products and solutions are highlighted below.

Fiber Network Monitoring System – Pro-active monitoring of fiber network for outage and degradation based on A.I. algorithm

Domain Name Server –For public broadband network with resilience and load balancing

Online Stock and Mutual Fund Trading Platform – A complete trading system solution on the Internet for stock and mutual fund trading for multiple markets and multiple currencies.

Online Education Community Platform – An education platform which facilitates interactive communication among schools, teachers, parents, and students. We have built a standard software package on the platform to provide an electronic means to perform examination, assess students’ performance, and facilitate the sharing of teaching materials. The software is a web-based system which can be accessed through the Internet or Intranet.

Online Library System – A web-based solution designed with a comprehensive set of features for the management of library resources and loan services online within an organization.


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